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TU Delft and partners to create superhighway for digital data

TU Delft researchers from the TU Delft Space Institute and the Dutch Optics Center and 20 partners will develop reliable and safe wireless broadband connections using light instead of radio waves. They anticipate that this technology will allow us to securely send and process digital data at high speeds, with low latency. For this research … Continued

Delfi-PQ: The Delfi space program is preparing for launch of its third satellite

Unknown to many, the top of the high-rise EWI-building along the Mekelweg hosts a full-fledged multi-band satellite ground station. It was and is used to control Delfi C3, the very first satellite of a Dutch university, launched in 2008 and still operational and its successor Delfi-n3Xt (pronounced ‘Delfi-next’), launched in 2013. Both successful missions were … Continued