Faculties and departments

The TU Delft Space Institute is an institute that combines departments and researchers from five different faculties. Below you will find a list of the five faculties and some of the topics they are working on. For more detailed contact information on specific topics please consult our directory by clicking on the yellow directory link above.

Aerospace Engineering
Distributed Space Systems
Orbits & Mission Design
Ascent & Reentry
Planetary Exploration
Applied Sciences
Nanotech for THz Space Sensors
Heterodyne Detectors & Receivers
Quantum Communication
Polarisation Nulling Interferometry
Space Distance Measurements
Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Sciences
Spaceborne Adaptive Optics
Nano-satellite Electronics
Smart Micro-thrusters
THz Sensing
Astronomical Instrumentation
Superconducting Detector Arrays
Spaceborne Micro-Electronics & MEMS
Civil Engineering and Geosciences
Remote Sensing
Surface Deformation
Gravity Field
Sea Level
Global Navigation Satellite Systems
Mechanical Maritime and Materials Engineering
Robotic Networks in Space
Distributed Control and Estimation
Embedded Real-time Optimization
Fault Detection & Isolation
Space-based Adaptive Optics


The TU Delft Space Institute wishes to cooperate with both national and international stakeholders. Below we will place the logo’s of the stakeholders that we cooperate with. Should you wish to become a stakeholder of the TU Delft Space Institute please contact het Institute Secretary.