TU Delft part of two teams winning ESA’s study for Cubesats to the Moon

TU Delft is involved in two of the four winning teams of the ESA Sysnova Lunar CubeSat competition to perform the Phase 0 design of a scientific CubeSat mission to the Moon.

The LUMIO project would monitor micro-meteoroid impacts on the far side of the Moon based on a 12U CubeSat orbiting around the L2 point.
The CubeSat Low-frequency Explorer of three 12-unit satellites would create the first radio telescope over the radio-quiet far side to image the sky below 30 MHz – not measurable from Earth – as a stepping stone to a larger array.

The projects have officially started on May 1st and will end on November 1st. The best one of the 4 awarded projects will be given an opportunity to further develop the concept in the ESA Concurrent Design Facility.
You can find more details at the following link (to see the composition of the teams involved in the 4 winning ideas, click on the pictures associated to each project):