Third Symposium Keynote Speaker: Radboud Koop

The Third keynote speaker present at our symposium will be Radboud Koop, Science Coordinator at NSO Netherlands Space Office.

Koop received his MSc. and PhD. in Geodesy at Delft University of Technology, focusing his research on global gravity field modeling using satellite gravity gradiometry. Thereafter he served as assistant professor at the Faculty of Geodesy, lecturing and researching on physical, geometrical and space geodesy. Afterwards he continued research in satellite gravity missions at SRON. He was involved in several ESA projects related to gravity missions, in particular the Gravity Field and Ocean Circulation Explorer GOCE.

Some ten years ago he joined NSO Netherlands Space Office. Within NSO Koop is focusing his work on broadening the scientific use of satellites and strengthening the synergy between science and the space sector, including industry, government and users. At NSO he furthermore coordinates national Dutch support activities aimed at the development and use of future satellite instruments and technology. In addition, he contributes to the NSO activities aimed at promoting the use of satellite applications by institutional, scientific and commercial users.

Recently, he strongly contributed to the NSO Space Policy Advice to the Dutch government, advising on the national space program 2020-2022 and the Dutch subscription in ESA at ESA’s Ministerial Conference in November.