Publication success for DSI researchers

Based on the most recent news from Springer, two publications from members of the TU Delft Space Institute (DSI) made it to the top 10 of the list with the “most downloaded research of 2017” from all mechanical engineering journals from Springer. The DSI is of course very proud of this achievement.

This concerns the following two publications, both downloaded more than a thousand times:

Bouwmeester, J., Langer, M., & Gill, E. (2016). Survey on the implementation and reliability of CubeSat electrical bus interfaces. CEAS Space Journal, 9(2), 163–173.

Cervone, A., Zandbergen, B., Guerrieri, D. C., De Athayde Costa e Silva, M., Krusharev, I., & van Zeijl, H. (2016). Green micro-resistojet research at Delft University of Technology: new options for Cubesat propulsion. CEAS Space Journal, 9(1), 111–125.