Program ‘Innovate your Space’ DSI-TNO-SRON Symposium

Below the program is presented of our Joint Symposium “Innovate Your Space” by the TU-Delft Space Institute, TNO and SRON with the theme: ‘Innovation for Climate and Air Quality Monitoring’. If any alterations would be made, they will be posted on this page.

09:30     Registration
10:00     Welcome
10:15     P. Levelt (KNMI) on Air Quality and Health
10:45     Pitch round I (TU-Delft PhDs and PostDocs)
11:15     Coffee
11:30     H. Dolman (VU) on Green House Gases and Climate
12:00     Pitch round II (TU-Delft PhDs and PostDocs)
12:30     Lunch
13:45     R. Koop (NSO) on governmental aspects of Climate and Air Quality
14:15     S. Kampen (Airbus) on industrial aspects of Climate and Air Quality
14:45     3 Workshops
15:55     Wrap-up
16:00     Drinks
17:00     End