New Institute Board TU Delft Space Institute

We would like to let you know that the TU Delft Space Institute has a new Institute Board in order to strengthen the DSI within the contributing faculties. The new DSI Institute Board is composed of:

  • Eberhard Gill (Department Head Space Engineering, Aerospace Engineering (AE); Director DSI)
  • Alle-Jan van der Veen (Chair Circuits and Systems, Electrical Engineering Mathematics & Computer Science (EEMCS))
  • Herman Russchenberg (Department Head Geoscience and Remote Sensing, Civil Engineering & Geosciences(CEG))
  • Just Herder (Department Head Precision and Microsystems Engineering, Mechanical Maritime & Materials Engineering (3ME))
  • Sjoerd Stallinga (Department Head Imaging Physics, Applied Sciences (AS))
  • Annegreeth Lameijer (Executive Secretary DSI)