International Workshop on Satellite Constellations and Formation Flying

From 8 until 10 June Delft university of Technology is hosting an international workshop on satellite constellations and formation flying at the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering. This symposium is a unique opportunity to discuss the state of the art research and the challenging aspects for future space systems. These 3 days are an intense mixture of presentations, poster sessions, social activities and visits to local and regional space actors. Moreover, it provides an excellent networking opportunity with fellow specialists.

This is the eighth time the IAF Astrodynamics Committee is organizing an international event to bring together specialists in the area of satellite constellations and formation flying. High flying speakers from the German Aerospace Centre (DLR), NASA, ESA and other organisations will share their lessons learned and outlook for the future on topics like earth observing constellations, synergetic observations with satellites flying in formation and more. Moreover, special attention will be given to applications and enabling technologies.

You can find the full programme and more information on registration and the venue here.