Fourth Symposium Keynote Speaker: Sytze Kampen

The Fourth keynote speaker present at our symposium will be Sytze Kampen, Head of Technology at Airbus Defence and Space in Leiden.

Kampen graduated in 1983 as MSc. (Ir.) from the faculty of Electrical Engineering at Delft University of Technology. He started with what was at that time the Space division of the Fokker company, as a control system designer and later systems engineer. He was responsible for different attitude control systems and for the European Robot Arm which, after long and repeated delays, is due for launch to the International Space Station next year.

After an episode as project manager at Ericsson Telecommunication starting in 1998 he returned to the Space sector in 2004 to manage the Space department of TNO in Delft. Within TNO he was leading the development of highly accurate opto-mechanical systems such as the spectrometer for the density measurement of trace gases and greenhouse gases in our atmosphere, TROPOMI, a Dutch contribution in-kind to ESA’s Sentinel 5 Precursor satellite.

In 2010 he re-joined Dutch Space (which later became Airbus Defence and Space) and supported the ITER programme in Cadarache in France. Since the end of 2012 he assumed the function of Head of Technology.