Extension of the TU Delft Space Institute Advisory Board

We are very pleased to announce that the TU Delft Space Institute Advisory Board will be extended with Gerard van der Steenhoven in order to cover the downstream and application aspects of the theme Sensing from Space. Gerard van der Steenhoven is Director General of the KNMI (Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute). The other members of the DSI Advisory Board are:

Annemieke Beers, Institute Manager, SRON
Franco Ongaro, Head of ESTEC, ESA/ESTEC
Sytze Kampen, Head of Technology, Airbus Defence & Space
Kees Buijsrogge, Director Space & Scientific Instrumentation, TNO
Jeroen Rotteveel, CEO, ISIS BV
Nico van Putten, Deputy Director, NSO
Huub Röttgering, Director Leiden Observatory, Leiden University