DSI Symposium: Space for Society

On November 29th, the TU Delft Space Institute hosted the symposium ‘Space for Society’ with about 80 participants. The symposium demonstrated the close link between space and society and how the TU Delft can facilitate this link. Dr. Ger Nieuwpoort, Director of the Netherlands Space Office (NSO), provided the opening address. Each theme of the TU Delft Space institute was represented by two speakers, one from TU Delft and one external:

  • Sensing from Space: Prof. Dr. Ir. Ramon Hanssen (TU Delft) & Dr. Ir. Arjen Zoeteman (ProRail)
  • Space Robotics: Dr. Ir. Chris Verhoeven (TU Delft) & Dr. Ir. Bert Monna (Hyperion Technologies)
  • Distributed Space Systems: Prof. Dr. Ir. Alle-Jan van der Veen (TU Delft) & Ir. Jeroen Rotteveel (ISIS)

The symposium also provided ample opportunities for discussion and networking and was considered a full success.