DSI project call 2022/23 is OPEN to all TU Delft employees

  • Closing date: February 1st, 2023.
  • Funding: 200k Euro + co-funding.
  • An interfaculty setting is mandatory.
  • A multi-disciplinary setting is mandatory.
  • Project Duration (1st phase): March 2023 –December 2024.
  • This call is open to TU Delft employees only.
  • Guidance for applicants: DSI’s Theme Leaders will provide instructions, the application form and guide all proposals.


    Space Robotics:                    Chris Verhoeven (EWI), Hans Goosen (3Me)
    Sensing from Space:             Jian Rong Gao (TNW), Stef Lhermitte (CITG)
    Distributed Space Systems:  Jian Guo (AE), Tamas Keviczky (3ME)


There are three criteria for the project evaluation:

  • Scientific quality.
  • Feasibility.
  • Overall goal, connection with follow-up phases.

Each criterion merits 10 points at most.
The threshold for eligibility is at 25 points. Provided this threshold is met, the highest-ranking project will be granted.
The evaluation will be done by DSI’s Institute Board. The results will be made public on February 15th, 2023.

General questions: spaceinstitute@tudelft.nl