News: PhD Board

The Faculty Graduate School of AE recently installed a new body called the PhD-Board. The board acts as a sounding board of the Faculty Graduate School AE and organizes social and scientific events.

The following PhD students are represented in the PhD Board. They represent the different sections within AE:

  • Emmanuel Sunil – section C&S
  • Roberto Merino Martinez – sections ATO and ANCE
  • Maurice Hoogreef– sections FPP and WE
  • Tomas Sinnige – section Aero
  • Morteza Abouhamzeh – section SI&C
  • Svenja Woicke – sections AS and SSE
  • Fardin Esrail – sections ASCM and NovAM

You can reach them at:

The Graduate School and the PhD Board jointly developed a webpage to increase the opportunities for workshops and lectures on Discipline related skills. We kindly ask you to submit ideas, topics in your field etc. via I would like to submit an idea for workshops and topics