Fatima Dyczynski was an MSc student at the Department of Space Engineering (SpE) at the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering (AE) of the Delft University of Technology. She was a victim in an airplane crash above Ukraine on 17 July 2014 together with 297 other people.
Fatima was a visionary and entrepreneur, driven by her ambitions and enthusiasm for Space. She was promoting the innovative use of Space and had a natural talent for marketing and a feeling for business opportunities and entrepreneurship.
The “Fatima Dyczynski Prize on Space Innovation and Entrepreneurship” is in honour of the person and student Fatima Dyczynski. The Prize shall encourage, stimulate, and award Space Innovation and Entrepreneurship at the Delft University of Technology and beyond.

Conditions of Application
Regular MSc students enrolled at any of the faculties of the Delft University of Technology are eligible to apply for an award. To apply, a Letter of Motivation, a Curriculum Vitae, and a proof of evidence of personal achievements in space-related innovation and/or entrepreneurship (e.g. master thesis, scientific paper, patent, web-site, business plan) have to be provided to the institute secretary. The innovation and/or entrepreneurship must fall into the areas of space missions, space systems, space technology or space applications.

Please check this webpage regularly to learn when a new call will be opened.