Space Minor

The Spaceflight minor is organized by the Faculties of Aerospace Engineering (AE), Civil Engineering & Geosciences (CEG) and Electrical Engineering, Mathematics & Computer Science (EEMCS). It exposes you to the fundamentals of spaceflight, dives into its applications and provides insight in and experience with its technologies.

Spaceflight is an inspiring multidisciplinary domain that combines research, technology and engineering applications and pushes them to the highest levels. Learn how to:

  • Visit other planets and capture a glimpse of distant galaxies.
  • Observe Earth to understand our own planet, its climate and global human activities.
  • Enable commercial and societal space applications such as global communication, navigation, safety and security.

And all of that in the extremely challenging environment of space: tough vibrations during launch, vacuum, high levels of radiation, large temperature differences, no wall plug and no means to perform maintenance or repair.

This minor is intended for all students interested in the broad field of Spaceflight. They should have followed the first two years of their BSc program and in particular have completed courses on mathematics and physics. Interested students can perform an online test in which they can assess if they meet the required level of understanding of physics and mathematics. This test provides a non-binding advice.

DARE: Delft Aerospace Rocket Engineering

As Europe’s most successful university student rocket society, Delft Aerospace Rocket Engineering preforms spaceflight research and development on all fronts- from liquids, solid and hybrid engines to electronics and actively controlled rockets.
DARE is ambitiously pursuing the aim of becoming the first European amateur rocket society in space by reaching the Karman line at 100km. We are already trying to reach halfway at 50 kilometers with the hybrid powered Stratos II rocket. We still hold the European amateur record with Stratos I that reached 12.3 kilometers in 2009. Planning on Stratos III has already begun.

We are a group run within Delft University of Technology consisting entirely of Bachelor and Master students. The majority come from the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering, but we have representation of almost all faculties within the University.